Noelle Cosplay From Genshin Impact KFC Collaboration

Few days ago community has been hearing a lot about Genshin Impact collaboration with KFC China. At first it’s just be treated as rumor, and then image of Diluc as butler and Noelle as maid in KFC surfacing until until the official news released.

Here’s the detailed image taken from Genshin Impact 1.4 Trailer:

Noelle And Diluc As KFC Maid And Butler
Noelle And Diluc As KFC Maid And Butler

After the news confirmed, then some photos of Noelle cosplayer in KFC China start appearing in community discord, facebook, and even official reddit.  After exploring web a bit, I finally found source of the image. It’s from weibo.

Here’s all images of Noelle cosplay from weibo page I’ve found:

Other news related with Genshin Impact and KFC Collaboration, kfc and genshin collab exclusive wind glider will be obtainable for America, Europe, Asia, and TW/HK/MO servers since there’s so many players interested to the wind glider.

The method of obtaining the wind glider will be announced before July 2021, so let’s wait further update from official forum.