Divine Body From Guyun

Material Divine Body from GuyunItem CategoryMaterials
Item TypeWeapon Ascension Material
Rarity5 Star Rarity
DomainHidden Palace of Lianshan Formula

In Game Description

That which lurks within and animates this relic are the divine remains of lamenting gods. They are unrealized ideals, designs for a prosperous humanity that could never be. They may now lie deep within stone and sea, but they will not go quietly into the night.

Usage: Weapon Ascension

This material used to ascend these following weapons:


Bow RustRustBow Blackcliff WarbowBlackcliff WarbowBow SlingshotSlingshot


Catalyst Solar PearlSolar PearlCatalyst Blackcliff AgateBlackcliff AgateCatalyst Emerald OrbEmerald Orb


Claymore WhiteblindWhiteblindClaymore Lithic BladeLithic Blade


Polearm Primordial Jade Winged Spear Primordial Jade Winged SpearPolearm Crescent PikeCrescent PikePolearm White TasselWhite Tassel


Sword Summit ShaperSummit ShaperSword Lion's RoarLions RoarSword Blackcliff LongswordBlackcliff LongswordSword Dark Iron SwordDark Iron Sword

How to Get Divine Body From Guyun


Divine Body From Guyun can be obtained from Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula domain in Liyue (Monday/Thursday/Sunday)

Hidden Palace Of Lianshan Formula Location In Liyue
Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula Location in Liyue

Alchemy Crafting

Material Relic from Guyun3x Relic From Guyun1075