Eula Character Teaser: “Midnight Encounter at the Tavern”

Eula Character Teaser
Eula Character Teaser

Character teaser for the new upcoming character is here. Eula, Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company will coming in a week, replaceng the current Zhongli banner.

One week before Eula banner, her teaser got released. Here’s the description and video:

Should you be willing to share a table with a less-than-sober Eula, drinking alone in a Mondstadt tavern deep into the night, you might hear her stories about the many “scores” she’ll have to settle due to the day’s events.

We also got short explanation about 3 prominent clan in the history of Mondstadt: Gunhildr Clan, Ragnvidr Clan, and Lawrence Clan. Sounds familiar? Yep, because we have characters from all 3 clans.

Jean The Acting Grandmaster of Knight Favonius is member of Gunhildr Clan, Diluc The Batman of Mondstadt is part of Ragnvidr Clan, and now we also have the new upcoming Eula from Lawrence Clan.