Gathering of Gourmets

Gift Set Gathering of Gourmets
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryGift Set
Rarity4 Star
Adeptal Energy930


A food street with outdoor facilities that replicates the bustle of Chihu Rock.

To call this a “gathering of gourmets” is an understatement, and while it may seem that there aren’t too many cooking utensils lying around, there are more than enough to cover all the known specialties of the Liyue region.

After all, skilled chefs can make delicious dishes with the simplest of utensils, and it certainly helps that many ingredients that don’t require complex preparation have become pillars of some of the most renown dishes.

List of Furnishings

Wine Shop Display Counter: To Your Heart's Content1x Wine Shop Display Counter: To Your Heart’s ContentBlueprint Two Tier Vendor's Booth Rising Fortunes1x Two-Tier Vendor’s Booth: Rising FortunesWine Jar With Bamboo Casing: Spirits Awaiting Moonrise2x Wine Jar With Bamboo Casing: Spirits Awaiting MoonriseStorage Sack Buzz-Off Bag2x: Storage Sack: Buzz-Off BagFour-Quadrant Cooking Cauldron1x “Four-Quadrant Cooking Cauldron
Furnishing Bamboo Outdoor Tea Table1x Bamboo Outdoor Tea TableOld Well1x Old WellHunter’s Vantage1x “Hunter’s VantageMature Cuihua Tree1x Mature Cuihua TreeEvil-Repelling Lantern All-Around Lighting1x Evil-Repelling Lantern: All-Around Lighting
Furnishing Wooden Outdoor Tea Table3x Wooden Outdoor Tea TableFruit and Veggie Stall: Harvest Bounties1x Fruit and Veggie Stall: Harvest BountiesFruit Seller's Caution1x Fruit Seller’s CautionTraveling Merchant North of the Stone Gate1x “Traveling Merchant North of the Stone GateFragrant Cedar Vegetable Rack1x Fragrant Cedar Vegetable Rack

Companion Favors

This furnishing set is favored by the following companions:

BeidouGanyuCharacter TartagliaCharacter XianglingCharacter Xinyan

How to Get Gift Set Gathering of Gourmets?

Blueprint of this gift set can be obtained from Realm Depot for 240 realm currency.