Stoneworks Crane: Hill Tamer

Stoneworks Crane: Hill Tamer
Stoneworks Crane: Hill Tamer
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item CategoryCourtyard
Adeptal Energy60


Engineering facilities that can be found in The Chasm and its surrounding areas that uses the features of various machine parts to lift heavy loads using the least amount of force possible, which is the source of its moniker “Hill Tamer.”

It is thanks to such mechanical engines that workers in Liyue have been more easily able to delve into the caverns of The Chasm and obtain the resources within. At the same time, these machines have also been used to construct buildings of modest scale. Though they lack the scale of the “Mountain Mover,” these devices can be set up quite rapidly.

How to get Stoneworks Crane: Hill Tamer?

Blueprint of Stoneworks Crane: Hill Tamer can be purchased from Realm Depot for 160 realm currency.

After getting the blueprint, you can craft this furnishing using these following materials:

Material 1Material 2Crafting Time
Housing Sandbearer Wood
8x Sandbearer Wood
Ore Iron Chunk
4x Iron Chunk
14 hours