Dendro Elements in Genshin Impact and Everything We Know About It

In the world of Teyvat, there’s 7 country with 7 archons. Starting from Anemo, Geo, Electro, Pyro, Hydro, Cryo and the last one is Dendro. We’ve got characters with all 7 elements except for Dendro. So now, what do we know about this one last elements?

What is Dendro?

Dendro is one of the seven elements, related with nature/plants. Out of 7, so far only Dendro elements that didn’t have playable character. But we have an idea about who will be released to represent this elements. Country represented with Dendro is Sumeru with Dendro archon as the leader. For information, Dendro archon is the youngest from all archons in Teyvat.

Dendro Elemental Reactions: Burning

Dendro Reaction Burning
Dendro Elemental Reaction: Burning via in game archive

While other elements have more than one elemental reactions, so far only 1 reaction known for Dendro which is Burning.  As the name suggested, character with dendro status effect that inflicted with pyro elements will constantly burning, continuously.

Burning elemental reaction receive quite attention from community when Mihoyo increasing environmental damage after 1.1 update. Environmental Damage system meant the world effect like burning grass or electrified puddle will doing more significantly damage than before.

Back then, most common case happen to player with Diluc character. When Diluc got inflicted by dendro debuff from Dendro Samachurl and then got pyro inflicted, Diluc will keep burning until he the effect wears off. Because they can’t run, the grass where they running around will burned and inflicting damage as well.

This problem then adressed by Mihoyo and “fixed” although it’s not a bug. It was intentional update with goal to increase damage effects, though the result isn’t happen as desired (hoyolab).

Creatures and Monsters Using Dendro Elements?

There’s 2 monsters known as Dendro elements user:

Dendro Samachurl

Dendro Samachurl
Dendro Samachurl via in game archive

First is Dendro Samachurl with ability to create thorn wall that will inflict damage and bounce character player back when player touch it. Besides thorn, Dendro Samachurl can inflict dendro status effect or debuff to player character. Combine it with hillchurl pyro archer or pyro abyss mage, then burning effect as explained above will happen. Burning player character continuously until dendro status effect gone, or removed.

Dendro Slimes

Dendro Slimes
Dendro Slimes via in game archive

Second is Dendro Slime, this type of slime can hide underground and hard to find. When you hear battle music started with no monsters around, high chance you are dealing with dendro slime. The easiest way to deal with them is attacking them with pyro attack. When plants in top of their head got burned, they won’t hide underground anymore or can’t? and you can just deal with them normally.

Characters Using Dendro Elements?

Baizhu, The Owner of Bubu Pharmacy

When players doing Chapter 1, Act 2 quest: Guizhong, we already met character that have high chance to be released as Dendro character. He is Baizhu, owner of Bubu Pharmacy and Qiqi boss. In his debut appearance, Baizu have green thingy that seems to be dendro vision in his waist. Here’s screenshot from that scene:

Baizhu With Dendro Vision
Baizhu With Dendro Vision

Not many information available for Baizhu. Other than his appearance in main quest, he have been mentioned several times in quest, bulletion board message, and character voice over.

Yaoyao, Junior Disciple of Xiangling and Ganyu Asistant

Yaoyao is character that spedulated to be released as dendro character in the future. She was junior disciple of Xiangling under the same master chef. Other information about her, Ganyu took her under the wing though in the end it seems like Yaoyao is the one who taking care of Ganyu.

Yaoyao And Qiqi
Yaoyao And Qiqi via

Yaoyao has been mentioned several times in the game, such as Ningguang character voice over and Wangshu Inn Bulletion Board.

Naingguang Voice Over About Yaoyao
Naingguang Voice Over About Yaoyao

Dendro Archon of Sumeru?

This one most likely will happen, though it will be a long time from now since we don’t have any information about Dendro region and it’s Archon. The only thing we know about Dendro Archon is that he is also known as God of Wisdom, archon of Sumeru region where Sumeru Academia resides, and he is the youngest from all 7 archons of Teyvat, having risen up to archon position 500 years ago.