Shikanoin Heizou

TitleDetective of the Tenryou Commission
BirthdayJuly 24th
AffiliationTenryou Commission
ConstellationCervus Minor
Shikanoin Heizou Splash Art
Shikanoin Heizou Splash Art

A young prodigy detective from the Tenryou Comission. His senses are sharp and his thoughts are clear.

Shikanoin Heizou DPS Build

When holding his elemental skill to stack Declesion, Heizou can be interrupted easily. That’s why it’s recommended to bring shield character like Zhongli or Noelle.

Viridescent Venerer + Gladiator's Finale
2 Viridescent Venerer + 2 Gladiator’s Finale
(2) Anemo DMG Bonus +15%.
(2) ATK +18%.
Viridescent Venerer + Shimenawa's Reminiscence Artifact Set
2 Viridescent Venerer + 2 Shimenawa
(2) Anemo DMG Bonus +15%.
(2) ATK +18%.
Talent Priority
Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst > Normal Attack

Artifact Main Stats & Substats

CRIT DMG% > CRIT Rate% > ATK% > Energy Recharge% > ATK

Ascension and Talent Level Up Materials

LevelMoraGemsBoss MaterialCommon 1Common 2
20 to 20+20.000Prithiva Topaz Sliverx1 Treasure Hoarder Insigniax3
40 to 40+40.000Prithiva Topaz Fragmentx3 Material Treasure Hoarder Insignia x15
50 to 50+60.000Prithiva Topaz Fragmentx6 Silver Raven Insigniax12
60 to 60+80.000Prithiva Topaz Chunkx3 Silver Raven Insigniax18
70 to 70+100.000Prithiva Topaz Chunkx6 Golden Raven Insigniax12
80 to 80+120.000Prithiva Topaz Gemstonex6 Golden Raven Insigniax24
LevelMoraTalent BooksCommonBoss MaterialCrown
212.500Material Teachings of Transiencex3 Material Treasure Hoarder Insignia x6
317.500Material Guide To Transiencex2 Material Silver Raven Insignia x3
425.000Material Guide To Transiencex4 Material Silver Raven Insignia x4
530.000Material Guide To Transiencex6 Material Silver Raven Insignia x6
637.500Material Guide To Transiencex9 Material Silver Raven Insignia x9
7120.000Material Philosophies Of Transiencex4 Material Golden Raven Insignia x4
8260.000Material Philosophies Of Transiencex6 Material Golden Raven Insignia x6
9450.000Material Philosophies Of Transiencex12 Material Golden Raven Insignia x9
10700.000Material Philosophies Of Transiencex16 Material Golden Raven Insignia x12 Crown Of Insightx1
Shikanoin Heizou Namecard Temari
Shikanoin Heizou Namecard: Temari

Talents and Constellations

Shikanoin Heizou Talent Fudou Style Martial Arts
Fudou Style Martial Arts (Normal Attack)
Normal Attack: Performs up to 5 fisticuffs empowered by a mighty wind, dealing Anemo DMG.
Charged Attack: Consumes a set amount of Stamina to perform a sweeping kick, dealing Anemo DMG.
Plunging Attack: Calling upon the surging wind, Heizou plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in his path. Deals AoE Anemo DMG upon impact with the ground.
Shikanoin Heizou Talent Heartstopper Strike
Heartstopper Strike (Elemental Skill)
Wields the swift winds to launch a Heartstopper Strike that deals Anemo DMG.

Charges energy to unleash an even stronger blow. He will obtain the Declension effect while charging, which will increase the power of the Heartstopper Strike. When the skill button is released or the skill duration ends, he will strike forward, dealing Anemo DMG.

Increases the power of the next Heartstopper Strike. Max 4 stacks. When you possess 4 Declension stacks, the Conviction effect will be produced, which will cause the next Heartstopper Strike to be even stronger and have a larger AoE.
Shikanoin Heizou Talent Windmuster Kick
Windmuster Kick (Elemental Burst)
Leaps into the air and uses the Fudou Style Vacuum Slugger and kicks his opponent. The Vacuum Slugger will explode upon hit and create an Arresting Windtunnel that pulls in nearby objects and opponents, dealing AoE Anemo DMG.

When Fudou Style Vacuum Slugger hits enemies affected by Hydro, Pyro, Cryo or Electro, it afflicts them with Windmuster Iris. Moments later, Windmuster Iris explodes and dissipates, dealing AoE DMG of the corresponding elemental type.

Fudou Style Vacuum Slugger can afflict a maximum of four enemies with the Windmuster Iris. A single enemy cannot be afflicted by Irises of different elemental types at the same time.
Shikanoin Heizou Talent Paradoxical Practice
Paradoxical Practice
When Shikanoin Heizou activates a Swirl reaction while on the field, he will gain 1 Declension stack for Heartstopper Strike. This effect can be triggered every 0.1s.
Shikanoin Heizou Talent Penetrative Reasoning
Penetrative Reasoning
After Shikanoin Heizou‘s Heartstopper Strike hits an opponent, increases all party members’ (excluding Shikanoin Heizou) Elemental Mastery by 80 for 10s.
Shikanoin Heizou Talent Cloud Strider
Pre-Existing Guilt
Decreases sprinting Stamina consumption for your own party members by 20%. Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.


Shikanoin Heizou Constellation Named Juvenile Casebook
Named Juvenile Casebook
For 5s after Shikanoin Heizou takes the field, his Normal Attack SPD is increased by 15%. He also gains 1 Declension stack for Heartstopper Strike. This effect can be triggered once every 10s.


Shikanoin Heizou Constellation Investigative Collection
Investigative Collection
The pull effect of the Arresting Windtunnel created by Windmuster Kick is enhanced, and its duration is increased to 1s.


Shikanoin Heizou Constellation Esoteric Puzzle Book
Esoteric Puzzle Book
Increases the Level of Heartstopper Strike by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.


Shikanoin Heizou Constellation Tome of Lies
Tome of Lies
The first Windmuster Iris explosion in each Windmuster Kick will regenerate 9 Elemental Energy for Shikanoin Heizou. Every subsequent explosion in that Windmuster Kick will each regenerate an additional 1.5 Energy for Heizou.

One Windmuster Kick can regenerate a total of 13.5 Energy for Heizou in this manner.


Shikanoin Heizou Constellation Secret Archive
Secret Archive
Increases the Level of Windmuster Kick by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.


Shikanoin Heizou Constellation Curious Casefiles
Curious Casefiles
Each Declension stack will increase the CRIT Rate of the Heartstopper Strike unleashed by 4%. When Heizou possesses Conviction, this Heartstopper Strike’s CRIT DMG is increased by 32%.