Energy Nectar

Material Energy NectarEnergy Nectar Category Material
Rarity 3 Star
Source Whopperflowers Lv 60+

Item Description

A thick and sticky honey that is full of energy. The Whopperflower hunts by tricking its prey, a process it uses to possibly evolve into a more powerful and pure form.

Usage: Character and Weapon Ascension

This material are used widely for character ascension and weapon upgrade material. Here’s all characters using Energy Nectar as ascension material:

Ganyu Hu Tao Character Keqing Character Mona Character Sucrose

All weapons that using Energy Nectar as ascension material:

Bow Blackcliff WarbowBlackcliff Warbow Bow Favonius WarbowFavonius Warbow Bow Windblume OdeWindblume Ode Catalyst FrostbearerFrostbearer Catalyst Solar PearlSolar Pearl
Claymore Serpent SpineSerpent Spine Claymore The BellThe Bell Claymore Ferrous ShadowFerrous Shadow Polearm DeathmatchDeathmatch Polearm HalberdHalberd
Sword Iron StingIron Sting

How to Get Energy Nectar?

This material can be obtained by defeating Pyro and Cryo Whopperflowers level 60 or higher.

Also obtainable from alchemy crafting table by combining 3 Shimmering Nectar.

Material Mora
Material Shimmering Nectar3x Shimmering Nectar 25

When crafting, it’s recommended to use Sucrose who have passive chance to double the result of common material crafting.

Astable Invention (Passive) When Sucrose crafts Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, she has a 10% chance to obtain double the product.