Whopperflower Nectar

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Item Description

Nectar extracted from the stamen of a Whopperflower that contains trace amounts of elements. The taste of the nectar has a hint of Sweet Flower in it.

Usage: Character and Weapon Ascension

This material are used widely for character ascension and weapon upgrade material. Here’s all characters using Whopperflower Nectar as ascension material:

  GanyuHu TaoCharacter KeqingCharacter MonaCharacter Sucrose  

All weapons that using Whopperflower Nectar as ascension material:

 Bow Blackcliff WarbowBlackcliff WarbowBow Favonius WarbowFavonius WarbowBow Windblume OdeWindblume OdeCatalyst FrostbearerFrostbearerCatalyst Solar PearlSolar Pearl 
 Claymore Serpent SpineSerpent SpineClaymore The BellThe BellClaymore Ferrous ShadowFerrous ShadowPolearm DeathmatchDeathmatchPolearm HalberdHalberd 
   Sword Iron StingIron Sting   

Where to Get Whopperflower Nectar?

This ascension material can be obtained by defeating Whopperflowers: Pyro Whopperflowers and Cryo Whopperflowers.