“The Five Kasen” Nishiki-e

"The Five Kasen" Nishiki-e
“The Five Kasen” Nishiki-e
Main CategorySerenitea Pot
Item Category
Adeptal Energy90

In Game Description

An elaborate folding screen based on the display board at the Magnificent Irodori Festival. It features portraits of present-day people modeled after the legend of “The Five Kasen.” The original is currently stored in the collection of the Yashiro Commission. The scrolls on the display board are the devoted works of “Mr. Calx,” and they seem to hide secrets that the craftsmen cannot reproduce.

These portraits were once displayed in the “The Five Kasen” square of the Irodori Festival, and as the festival progressed, each portrait was revealed one by one, in the order of “Shuikou,” “Aoi no Okina,” “Akahito,” “Sumizome,” and “Kuronushi.” This folding screen, which was brought back by the Traveler as a souvenir to the Realm Within, reveals four of the portraits, recounting the clever intersection of ancient legends and present-day events.

How to get “The Five Kasen” Nishiki-e?

“The Five Kasen” Nishiki-e can be obtained by completing quest The Five Colors’ True Form during the Hues of the Violet Garden event (Irodori festival event).