All 9 Orb of the Blue Depths Location in The Chasm

During your exploration in Nameless Ruin, The Chasm. You will find sealed door with mechanism which require 9 item called Orb of the Blue Depths.

Orb of the Blue Depths
Orb of the Blue Depths

Now, as for where to find Orb of the Blue Depths. You can this item from 9 Shadowy Husks, all with unique name and scattered across The Chasm underground.

Defeat them all and you will get all 9 Orb of the Blue Depth. As for tips, make sure to upgrade your Lumenstone Adjuvant to clear black mud in some Shadowy Husk area. Also, don’t bring shielder character like Zhongli and Noelle.

Shadowy Husk – Haltaf: The Young

You can find Haltaf near The Serpent Cave teleport waypoint. After defeating him, go to location with flower mark to get Miners Key. It’s required item for next location.

Shadowy Husk Haltaf MapShadowy Husk Haltaf in Game

Shadowy Husk – Skeld: Augur of the Mirrors

From previous location, go get Miners Key in the area with flower mark. Then use it to unlock locked room west of the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel where you can find Skeld. When you enter the room, black mud will falli from ceiling. Clear it once and stay away because it can respawn.

Shadowy Husk Skeld MapShadowy Husk Skeld in Game

Shadowy Husk – Edgetho: Breaker of the Oath of Silence

Can be found in the middle of the Underground Waterway. You can reach this area starting from The Chasm Mining area south teleport waypoint, then walk west following the way until you reach Underground Waterway.

Shadowy Husk Edgetho MapShadowy Husk Edgetho in Game

Shadowy Husk – Hyglacg: Rebuked Servant

Head to nearby teleport waypoint then go southwest until you’ve reached this Shadowy Husk. Below this enemy, you will room with Secret Messages for The Nine-Word Rumor achievement.

Shadowy Husk Hyglacg MapShadowy Husk Hyglacg in Game

Shadowy Husk – Serkir: Scribe of Swords

Located in the southern part of the Nameless Ruins.

Shadowy Husk Serkir MapShadowy Husk Serkir in Game

Shadowy Husk – Buliwyf: Guardian of Desolation

Located in the room near teleport waypoint in Stony Halls. The room is blocked by destructible wall.He is accompanied by 2 other serpent knight.

Shadowy Husk Buliwyf MapShadowy Husk Buliwyf in Game

Shadowy Husk – Roneth: Banished Knight

Located in the south of Chasm Exploration Team second camp. Start from the camp then walk south, descend by gliding and you will find this shadowy husk in the bottom.

Shadowy Husk Roneth MapShadowy Husk Roneth in Game

Shadowy Husk – Herger: Jester of Bloody Tears

Located east of The Glowing Narrows teleport waypoint.

Shadowy Husk Herger MapShadowy Husk Herger in Game

Shadowy Husk – Rethel: Slain of the Split Bow

Located west of The Glowing Mushroom teleport waypoint.

Shadowy Husk Rethel MapShadowy Husk Rethel in Game

Unlocking Secret Room

After obtaining all Orb of the Blue Depths, you can unlock the mechanism and enter the room.

Nameless Ruin Secret Room Location
Nameless Ruin Secret Room Location

Upon unlocking this room you will get achievement: Crede Tenebrae. Inside this secret room, you will find Exquisite Chest, Precious Chest, Luxurious Chest, and Mysterious Letter.

Secret Room With Reward in The Chasm
Secret Room With Reward in The Chasm