All 3 Chasm Mining Records Location

Finding 3 Chasm Mining Records is part of achievement with the same name: The Chasm Mining Records. All this records don’t have distinguishable and glowing mark so you won’t be able to interract unless you get closer.

Here’s all locations of Chasm Mining Records:

The Chasm Mining Archive

Near teleport waypoint.

The Chasm Mining Archive MapThe Chasm Mining Archive Location

The Chasm Mining Report

Right below teleport waypoint in The Chasm Mining Area.

The Chasm Mining Report MapThe Chasm Mining Report Location

The Chasm Spiritstone Investigation Report

When you arrive in this location, you will find the whole tent area covered by black mud with Geovishap Hatchling as guard. Purify this area with Lumenstone Adjuvant and you will find the record outside tent.

The Chasm Spiritstone Investigation Report MapThe Chasm Spiritstone Investigation Report Location