4 Fatui Action Logs Location in The Chasm

When running around for quest and exploring The Chasm, you might some Fatui Action Log. There’s 4 logs scattered across The Chasm Underground and reading all 4 will get you secret achievement: If Not Us, Then Who?.

Without further ado, here’s all location of Fatui Action Logs in The Chasm:

Fatui Action Log I

Head to nearby teleport waypoint then walk south until find some tent. You will find first note on top of wooden box.

Fatui Action Log Part 1 MapFatui Action Log Part 1

Fatui Action Log II

Start from teleport waypoint with red circle then walk southwest.

Fatui Action Log Part 2 MapFatui Action Log Part 2

Fatui Action Log III

Located in the room below Hyglacg. In this room you will also find one of nine secret messages required for The Nine-Word Rumor achievement.

Fatui Action Log Part 3 MapFatui Action Log Part 3

Fatui Action Log IV

Located east of The Glowing Narrows teleport waypoint.

Fatui Action Log Part 4 MapFatui Action Log Part 4