Narukami’s Wisdom

Material Narukami Wisdom Item Category Materials
Item Type Weapon Ascension Material
Rarity 2 Star Rarity
Domain Court of Flowing Sand

In Game Description

In the past, the ancients would climb the peak now known as Mt. Yougou and bend wood that had been charred by lightning into a hook to offer as an effigy unto the thundering force that lit up the skies and shook the earth.

This shape would eventually become the “Electro Mitsudomoe” symbol, symbolizing the favor, wisdom, and might of Electro, and also the people who represent these values.

Usage: Weapon Ascension

Narukami’s Wisdom is used to ascend following weapon:

Thundering Pulse Hamayumi Predator Bow Claymore Katsuragikiri NagamasaKatsuragikiri Nagamasa

How to Get Narukami’s Wisdom?

Narukami’s Wisdom can be obtained from Court of Flowing Sand domain in Inazuma (Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday)

Court of Flowing Sand location in Inazuma
Court of Flowing Sand location in Inazuma