Sumeru Rose

Sumeru Rose

New update of Genshin Impact coming with whole new region Sumeru and of course, with new region always come so many things to grab. Sumeru Rose is one of flowers that you will need and can be used in many ways, such as cooking new meals and making a bait for fishing.

Sumeru Rose is new kind of flower and as it’s name suggested, this flower only can be found in Sumeru region.

During your exploration or quest, you will find some Sumeru Rose. And pretty much you can find Sumeru Rose everywhere. Just walking around following street and you will find some, enter some random cave or climb the mountain and you will find it too.

Just look at this sumeru rose map based on teyvat interactive map below:

Sumeru Rose in Devantaka Mountain Area
Sumeru Rose in Devantaka Mountain Area (link)

See, it’s everywhere so you won’t need something like most effective farming route etc. But if you need more specific locations for gathering, you can look up some locations here:

Devantaka Mountain

First area is Devantaka Mountain, you can pick some flowers on your way to Port Ormos during main quest in this area. Some area northwest of port ormos also abundant with Sumeru Rose.


Vanarana is area that can be unlocked in the second part of Aranyaka quest series. In the home of Aranara, you will find a lot of Sumeru Rose along with other flowers and local specialty.

Vimara and Gandharva Village

Both area located next to Devantaka Mountain and share abundance of Sumeru Rose. Explore around this area and you will have more than enough flowers.

Apam Woods

In Apam Woods, try to walk south from teleport waypoint located between Apam Woods and Caravan Ribat, you will find area dense with Sumeru Rose.

From Daily Expedition

Sumeru Rose Expedition in Mawtiyima Forest
Sumeru Rose Expedition in Mawtiyima Forest

It’s a good thing that Sumeru Rose also available in daily expedition. It’s useful for burned out player who didn’t want to explore too much but needed the materials.