Chunk of Aerosiderite

Material Chunk of AerosideriteItem CategoryMaterials
Item TypeWeapon Ascension Material
Rarity5 Star Rarity
DomainHidden Palace of Lianshan Formula

In Game Description

When Khaenri’ah was destroyed, a great sinner created endless monsters with alien, dark blood flowing through their veins. They rampaged across the land, destroying all in their paths. Their lives were mutations, caused by powers beyond this world. The black serpentine dragon Durin that attacked Mondstadt was such a mutation.

Usage: Weapon Ascension


Bow Compound BowCompound Bow


Catalyst Memory of DustMemory of DustCatalyst Mappa MareMappa Mare


Claymore Serpent SpineSerpent SpineClaymore Prototype ArchaicPrototype ArchaicClaymore Skyrider GreatswordSkyrider Greatsword


Polearm Vortex VanquisherVortex VanquisherWeapon Staff of HomaStaff of HomaPolearm Prototype StarglitterPrototype StarglitterWeapon Lithic SpearLithic Spear
Polearm Black TasselBlack Tassel


Sword Iron StingIron StingSword Skyrider SwordSkyrider Sword

How to Get Chunk of Aerosiderite


Chunk of Aerosiderite can be obtained from Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula domain in Liyue (Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday).

Hidden Palace Of Lianshan Formula Location In Liyue
Hidden Palace Of Lianshan Formula Location In Liyue

Alchemy Crafting

Material Bit of Aerosiderite3x Chunk of Aerosiderite1.075