Talent Level Up Material

Talent Level Up Material
Talent Level Up Material From Weekly Bosses

Talent Level Up Material are materials that used to level up character talent and skill level along with common material (dropped from mobs). There’s a lot materials used to level up character skill level from 1 to 10 and here GenshinDB will give you list of all talent level up material categorized by skill level.

Talent Books From Domain: Used for Skill Level 1-10

Talent books can be obtained from domain. Freedom, Resistance, and Ballad books can be obtained from Forsaken Rift in Mondstadt. Meanwhile Prosperity, Diligence, and Gold can be obtained from Taishan Mansion in Jueyun Karst, Liyue.

Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Talents Up Teachings Of FreedomTalents Up Guide To FreedomTalents Up Philosophies Of Freedom


Amber Barbara Diona Character Klee Character Sucrose Character Tartaglia
Talents Up Teachings Of ProsperityTalents Up Guide To ProsperityTalents Up Philosophies Of Prosperity


Character Keqing Character Ningguang Character Qiqi Xiao
Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Talents Up Teachings Of ResistanceTalents Up Guide To ResistanceTalents Up Philosophies Of Resistance


Bennett Diluc Character Eula Character Jean Character Mona Character Noelle Character Razor
Talents Up Teachings Of DiligenceTalents Up Guide To DiligenceTalents Up Philosophies Of Diligence


Chongyun Ganyu Character Xiangling Hu Tao
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
Talents Up Teachings Of BalladTalents Up Guide To BalladTalents Up Philosophies Of Ballad


Albedo Fischl Character Kaeya Character Lisa Character VentiCharacter Rosaria
Talents Up Teachings Of GoldTalents Up Guide To GoldTalents Up Philosophies Of Gold


Beidou Character Xingqiu Character Xinyan Character Yanfei Character Zhongli

Talent Level Up Material From Weekly Boss: Used for Skill Level 6-10

While talent or skill upgrade from level 1 to 6 only require talent books and common material. For level 6 and higher player will need to use material dropped from all available weekly bosses as listed below:

Source / Where to Get?MaterialCharacters
Stormterror Challenge Lv 70+

Stormterror Dvalin's ClawDvalin’s Claw

Character Lisa Character Noelle Character Razor Character Xiangling

Stormterror Dvalin's PlumeDvalin’s Plume

Bennett Diluc Character Jean

Stormterror Dvalin's SighDvalin’s Sigh

Amber Beidou Chongyun Geo Traveler Anemo Traveler
Wolf of the North Challenge Lv 70+

Wolf Boss Ring Of BoreasRing Of Boreas

Barbara Character Keqing Character Klee Character Mona

Wolf Boss Spirit Locket Of BoreasSpirit Locket Of Boreas

Fischl Character Kaeya Character Ningguang Character Sucrose

Wolf Boss Tail Of BoreasTail of Boreas

Character Qiqi Geo Traveler Character Venti Character Xingqiu
Childe Golden House Challenge Lv 70+

Childe Boss Shadow Of The WarriorShadow Of The Warrior

Ganyu Xiao Character Rosaria

Childe Boss Shard Of A Foul LegacyShard Of A Foul Legacy

Diona Character Tartaglia Hu Tao

Childe Boss Tusk Of Monoceros CaeliTusk Of Monoceros Caeli

Albedo Character Xinyan Character Zhongli
Azhdaha: Beneath the Dragon-Queller Lv 70+

Material Bloodjade BranchBloodjade Branch

Character Yanfei

Material Dragon Lord's CrownDragon Lords Crown

Character Eula

Material Gilded ScaleGilded Scale


Special Material From Major Event: Used for Skill Level 9 to 10

For level 9 to 10, player will need one more item which is Crown of Insight. So far this material only can be obtained from major in game events.

Source / Where to Get?MaterialCharacters
Major In Game EventsEvent Crown Of InsightCrown of InsightAll characters

Conversion Material

Material specifically used for conversion to other material as long as it’s from the same boss. For example, tail of Boreas can be converted to Ring of Boreas or Spirit Locket of Boreas. Gilded Scale can be converted to Dragon Lords Crown or Bloodjade Branch, etc.

Source / Where to Get?MaterialDescription
Weekly BossesMaterial Dream SolventDream SolventAn item capable of changing Character Level-Up Materials obtained from memories and trials into whatever form is needed.

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