Eula DPS Build Guide

Genshin Impact Eula Spindrift Knight 1200

Eula, captain of Reconnaissance Company in Knight of Favonius will making her comeback in the next patch. Wielding claymore and Cryo vision, she is considered as the strongest physical DPS in Genshin Impact.

Talents Overview

Eula elemental skill: Icetide Vortex will slash enemy swiftly, dealing Cryo DMG. When it hits an opponent, Eula will gain a stack of Grimheart that stacks up to 2 times and decreasing opponent Physical RES and Cryo RES.

Icetide Vortex Skill Attributes
Icetide Vortex Skill Attributes

You can distinguish grimheart stack by looking at crossed sword mark above Eula head after using her elemental skill or looking at her glowing cape. If her cape looks transparent that means 1 stack, and if it’s white icy like image below that means 2 stacks.

Eula Grimheart Stacks
Eula Grimheart Stacks

Tap or click will gain 1 stack Grimheart, and Hold will perform big slash attack that consumes Grimheart stacks and deals Cryo DMG. If Grimheart stacks are consumed, surrounding opponents will have their Physical RES and Cryo RES decreased.

More DMG will be gained when unleashing Icetide Vortex hold with 2 Grimehart Stacks thanks to Roiling Rime Passive talent.

Roiling Rime Talent Info
Roiling Rime Talent Info

With her elemental burst: Glacial Illumination, Eula will perform big slash attack that deals Cryo DMG and summon Lightfall Sword that follows her around for 7s. During 7s duration you can spam normal attack as much as you can to gain Energy stacks since Lightfall Sword DMG scales on number of energy stacks.

After 7s, Lightfall Sword will explode violently, dealing Physical DMG to nearby opponents. You can also force Lightfall Sword to explode by switching to another character.

Glacial Illumination Skill Attributes
Glacial Illumination Skill Attributes

With Wellspring of War-Lust passive talent: when Glacial Illumination is cast, the CD of Icetide Vortex is reset and Eula gains 1 stack of Grimheart.

Wellspring of War Lust Talent Info
Wellspring of War Lust Talent Info

Based on all that, the best rotation for Eula would be like this:

E Tap to gain 1 Grimheart > Q unleash Elemental Burst and gain 1 Grimheart > E Hold to consume Grimheart stacks and decrease enemy physical RES > Spam Normal Attack to gain Energy stacks > Lightfall Sword exploded

To get more DMG from Lightfall Sword, it’s recommended to use electro attack from your support before Eula rotation for superconduct to decrease enemy Physical RES.


Song of Broken Pines is Eula signature weapon. SOBP have Physical DMG Bonus substats and effect called Rebel’s Banner-Hymn:

A part of the “Millennial Movement” that wanders amidst the winds. Increases ATK by 16/20/24/28/32%, and when Normal or Charged Attacks hit opponents, the character gains a Sigil of Whispers. This effect can be triggered once every 0.3s.

When you possess 4 Sigils of Whispers, all of them will be consumed and all nearby party members will obtain the “Millennial Movement: Banner-Hymn” effect for 12s.”Millennial Movement: Banner-Hymn” increases Normal ATK SPD by 12/15/18/21/24% and increases ATK by 20/25/30/35/40%. Once this effect is triggered, you will not gain Sigils of Whispers for 20s. Of the many effects of the “Millennial Movement,” buffs of the same type will not stack.

5Star Wolfs GravestoneWolfs Gravestone5Star The UnforgedThe Unforged
5Star Skyward PrideSkyward Pride

For other 5 star, Wolf’s Gravestone considered as overall best claymore with it’s ATK substats and consistent ATK bonus. The Unforged is a good choice if you are running Eula with shield support like Zhongli or Diona.

And finally we have Skyward Pride with it’s Energy Recharge substats. It’s not ther best choice, but it will help to fill Eula elemental burst gauge if you are not running any energy recharge support.

4Star Serpent SpineSerpent SpineLuxurious Sea LordLuxurious Sea Lord
4Star Snow Tombed StarsilverSnow Tombed Starsilver

Serpent Spine with it’s CRIT Rate substats can be obtained from premium battle pass level 30.

Luxurious Sea Lord or tuna claymore if the best f2p weapon if you participating in the past event since it’s have good ATK substats and refinement 5.

Snow Tombed Starsilver with it’s Physical DMG Bonus can be obtained from Dragonspine quest, it’s also available to craft in forging after you obtain the blueprint.


4 Pale Flame Set Bonus
4 Pale Flame Set Bonus

Pale Flame set is the best artifact for Eula. 2 set will increase Physical DMG by 25% and 4 set will increase ATK after using elemental skill. This set works well with Eula since her main rotation involving usage of elemental skill, and her burst also resetting elemental skill CD.

As long as you can do your rotation properly, you can maintain Pale Flame 4 set effect uptime 100%.

If you haven’t get proper 4 Pale Flame set, you can works with other set. In the meantime, you can choose between these combinations:

2 Pale Flame + 2 Bloodstained2 Pale Flame + 2 Gladiator’s/Shimenawa
2 Pale Flame + 2 Gladiator’s/Shimenawa2 Bloodstained + 2 Gladiator’s /Shimenawa

Artifact Stats

ATK%Physical DMG Bonus%CRIT Rate%/CRIT DMG%
CRIT Rate% > CRIT DMG% > ATK% > Energy Recharge % > ATK Flat