Qiqi Build Guide (Healer and Support )

Qiqi Build Guide
Qiqi Build Guide

Qiqi is 5 star character, sword user with Cryo vision. Her role in party is healer, and she heals a lot for that, overheals most of the time.


With her elemental skill: Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost, Qiqi brings forth the Herald of Frost which will deals Cryo DMG to surrounding opponents. Herald of Frost will follows active character around and periodically regenerates characters HP based on Qiqi ATK.

Adeptus Art Herald of Frost Skill Attributes
Adeptus Art Herald of Frost Skill Attributes
Life Prolonging Methods Talent Info
Life Prolonging Methods Talent Info

Herald of Frost have pretty long CD: 30s, so you need to pay attention to the time you use it or use Sacrificial Sword that have a chance to reset it’s CD.

Adeptus Art Preserver of Fortune
Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune

With her elemental burst: Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune, Qiqi will unleash her power and mark nearby opponents with Fortune-Preserving Talisman that deals Cryo DMG. When opponents affected by this Talisman take DMG, the character that dealt this DMG regenerates HP.

A Glimpse Into Arcanum Talent Info
A Glimpse Into Arcanum Talent Info

Qiqi also have a 50% chance to apply Fortune-Preserving Talisman with her Normal and Charged Attacks thanks to one of her passive: A Glimpse Into Arcanum.


The best weapon for Qiqi is 4 star Sacrificial Sword. This weapon have Energy Recharge substats and effect to reset (chance) elemental skill. This will help Qiqi a lot since she have 30s CD on her elemental skill and her elemental burst require 80 energy cost.

Second best weapon is Skyward Blade. This sword have Energy Recharge substats and high base ATK which will benefit Qiqi heals.

4Star The Flute
The Flute
4 Star Sword Amenoma Kageuchi
Amenoma Kageuchi

Next option is The Flute and Amenoma Kageuchi, both have ATK substats. The Flute can be obtained from wish while Amenoma Kageuchi can be obtained from blacksmith forging (require The Farmer’s Treasure” quest to get the blueprint)

4Star Favonious SwordFavonius Sword4Star Festering DesireFestering Desire

Next up is weapon with Energy Recharge substats, Favonius Sword and Festering Desire. Favonius Sword can be obtained from wish while Festering Desire only obtainable from past event of Dragonspine release.


4 Ocean Hued Clam Set Bonus
4 Ocean Hued Clam Set Bonus

Recently released Ocean Hued Clam is Qiqi new best artifact for her healer build. 2 set will give 15% healing bonus just like Maiden Beloved, while 4 set will summon bubble which will explode and deal 90% of accumulated healing, giving additional DMG.

If you want Qiqi to buff your team, 4 Tenacity of the Millelith is a good option. 4 set of this artifact will increase party member ATK by 20% when Qiqi elemental skill hits an opponent.

2 Maiden Beloved + 2 Gladiator’s Finale 2 Maiden Beloved + 2 Shimenawa
2 Ocean Hued Clam + 2 Gladiator’s Finale 2 Ocean Hued Clam + 2 Shimenawa

Other than 2 artifacts set above, you can mix between 2 Ocean Hued Clam/Maiden Beloved for 15% healing increase and Gladiator’s Finale/Shimenawa Reminiscence for 18% ATK increase.

Artifact Stats

ATK%/Energy Recharge%ATK%ATK%/Healing Bonus%
ATK% > Energy Recharge% > ATK