Seele is resident of the Underworld and the backbone of Wildfire. She goes by the alias “Babochka”. She has a frank personality, but there is a delicate and sensitive hidden side to her deep in her heart.

Rarity5 Star
Path The Hunt
Seele Splash Art

Character Lore

A spirited and valiant member of Wildfire who grew up in the perilous Underworld of Belobog. She is accustomed to being on her own. As someone who once relied on others for protection, she now pursues strength. For the truth of the underground and her family’s name, Seele can endure any kind of adversity. The protectors and the protected, the oppressors and the oppressed… The world Seele grew up knowing was just a simple dichotomy…

That is, until that young girl appeared.

Seele Build

Will be added later after game release

Stats and Materials (Lv 1-80)

Min HP126
Min ATK87
Min DEF49
Min Speed115
Max HP931
Max ATK640
Max DEF363
Max Speed115
Credit x 308000
Thief's Instinct
Thief’s Instinct x 20
Usurper's Scheme
Usurper’s Scheme x 18
Conqueror's Will
Conqueror’s Will x 13
Void Cast Iron
Void Cast Iron x66

Skills and Eidolon

Single Target
Deals Quantum DMG equal to 50% of Seele’s ATK to a single enemy.
Sheathed Blade
Single Target
Deals Quantum DMG equal to 110%of Seele’s ATK to a single enemy. Seele gains 25% SPD for 2 turn(s).
Butterfly Flurry
Single Target
Seele enters the buffed state and deals Quantum DMG equal to 240% of Seele’s ATK to a single enemy.
Seele enters the buffed state upon defeating an enemy and receives an extra action. While in the buffed state, Seele increases her DMG by 40% for 1 turn(s). Enemies defeated in the extra action provided by “Resurgence” will not trigger another “Resurgence.”
Phantom Illusion
After using her Technique, Seele gains Stealth for 20 second(s). While Stealth is active, Seele cannot be detected by enemies; when she attacks enemies to trigger combat, Seele will immediately enter the buffed state.
1Butterfly DanceThe SPD Boost effect of Seele’s Skill can stack up to 2 time(s).
2Cut OffWhen dealing DMG to an enemy whose HP is at 50% of their Max HP or lower, Seele’s CRIT Rate increases by 15%.
3DazzledSkill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
4A GlimpseSeele regenerates 15 Energy when she defeats an enemy.
5Keen and SharpUltimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
6SeparationAfter using Seele’s Ultimate, inflict the target enemy with Butterfly Flurry for 1 turn(s). Enemies suffering from Butterfly Flurry takes additional Quantum DMG equal to 18% of Seele’s Ultimate DMG every time they are attacked. If the enemy is defeated by the Butterfly Flurry DMG triggered by other allies’ attacks, Seele’s Talent will not be triggered.

When Seele is knocked down, the Butterfly Flurry inflicted on the enemies will be removed.